Saturday, August 20, 2011

A few thoughts from the last few weeks

1. This is the time of year when I have to remember the great patience with which my Savior bore my long neglect, my apathy, my casual disregard for his great service and love. If I do not remember his patience, then the comparatively small slights I must endure from ignored calls and flaked appointments will be met with compassion and forgiveness.

2. I told a friend that we are all divided into two camps. Either we are Dostoevsky people, or we are Tolstoy people. I have for a long time felt myself firmly belonging to Fyodr, but having immersed myself in War and Peace, I am having second thoughts.

3. Did you notice my poetry binge, which seems to have left as swiftly as it came? I don't know what that was all about.

4. Every year I say to myself, "Why care about football?" And then every year I remember, "Oh yeah, because it is awesome."

5. Here is a rejected Facebook status from a couple of days ago. It seemed to self-indulgent and long:

Today somebody got me so riled up when I was driving by cutting me off. I said to myself, "You idiot! How could you do something so stupid!" But then I said, "You hypocrite! You do that all the time to people!" Then I said, "A hippogriff? What is that?" Then I said, "It is a mythical beast, but that isn't what I said."


Blogger Josh said...

Since you don't know what the poetry thing was about, maybe you should ask yourself!

But judging by that reject facebook status, maybe you shouldn't =P

8:38 PM

Blogger valbuss said...

HAHA! Awesome status!

ummm...probably best post in awhile. Especially thought "1". But that probably says more about me then you though. WOOHOOO for kick-off!!!!! (Sunland...not football)

7:32 PM


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