Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Have an Awesome Christmas Break

So...for our last NavNight last night I gave a little mini-talk on how to have a good Christmas break. It wasn't exegetical or anything...indeed I mentioned the Word only in passing. It was just some practical advice.

1. Have a plan

No one goes on Christmas break and says, "I hope I have a terrible time and accomplish nothing." Most people want to have a relaxing and productive break where they grow closer to God. Yes? What is the difference between desiring this and attaining it? A plan!

Some time before finals are over, carve out 2 hours and sit down and plan out your Christmas break. What do you want to do? How do you want to grow? I always make a list of personal goals (read some books, see some people, organize bookshelf) and spiritual goals (prayer, the Word, memorization).

2. Spend time in the Word everyday

Best way to have a bad break: disconnect from God. Even on Christmas day and New Year's, get into the Word. Try to spend more time in the Word than you normally would. If you normally spend 30 minutes with Jesus, try and get an hour.

3. Serve your family

View going home as an opportunity to serve your family. Do the dishes. Help your dad with a project. Clean up the family room. Try to spend some time every day serving.

4. Try to engage spiritually with your family

For some people this is easier with others. Some ways to do this:
--Ask your parents about their spiritual heritage
--Ask your parents their experience with God during college
--Do a quiet time with a sibling
--Share some things you've been learning with your parents

Asking questions and listening is the best way to do this!

5. Share the gospel with one person

A family member? An old friend? This is a great goal and can be an object of prayer over the course of your break.

6. Disconnect from technology

Nothing will hinder you more from accomplishing what you want to accomplish than excessive time on the internet, watching TV and movies, or glued to your phone! Don't complete disengage, and obviously sometimes TV and movies are involved in our family traditions. But try to limit the time you spend on these things and instead seek to engage with God and with your friends and family.

7. Make a list of New Year's Resolutions

I started this practice several years ago and have found it to be a great discipline. On New Year's Eve I take about four hours to think back over the year. I ask myself three questions:

--What did God teach me this year?
--What hindered my spiritual growth?
--What helped my spiritual growth?

Then I apply these questions to the future:

--What do I want God to do in my life next year?
--What will help that?
--What will hinder that?

From that I draw a list of New Year's Resolutions.


There you have it. To these seven, I will mention one more which I wish I had said at the time...

8. Find someone to help you!

Share your plan with someone else and keep each other accountable!


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Great thoughts Charles! ^^ thanks for sharing.

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