Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kiss the Earth

We used to live in perfect unity
You and I in perfect unity
And dirt was in our eyes
A living being

In perfect unity the earth was ours
And you and I we kissed the earth
And knelt and felt the earth
Our hands on flat expanse
And all the earth was mine

We lived in perfect unity
In love which is that unity
All love is unity

Kiss the earth! we sang
Put your lips on dirt and breath in dust
This is what we are
And it is good. The earth is good.

We lived and kissed and broke the earth
This corner street a woman stood and cried
Another knelt and died
The earth before us was defied
The kiss refused, denied
We broke the earth

We used to live in perfect unity
In love which was that unity
And now with thoughtful gross impunity
That Jewess pagan Jezebel with ax and arms outstretched
A love she set in temple ground
No love could help nor e'en be found
The earth was hers and our great enemy
Not woman, man was there, Ahab
With houses built and made pre-fab
And who has heard the sound!

Return and kiss the earth, she isn't finished yet
But take new heart and put into the sea your net
The fish will leap into that silken net
He speaks! The earth is his!

We used to live in perfect unity
I thought like you and you like me
Each thing was just as it was meant to be
I'll walk again I'll know again I'll fish again
Again I'll see
But now what man will let me know that unity?

O Kiss her, man, that earth was yours
Let lips which cannot move, which froze
Linger on her tilted woven toes
And taste the sap of trees which flows
And hate those old and spoiled clothes
Which covered bare and broken woes
I moved, each hour and cannot

We used to live in
We used to live in perfect unity
And now we cannot love or hate
We stand above the two
We used to live

Envelope breeze into your hands and let
your eyes be watered by the
strands of goodness which they
meet and feel the earth which
speaks a broken language without
meaning sense or rhyme and
mourn the face of sea that
will not meet your eyes and kiss
the earth and you will feel her
once again.

We used to live in perfect unity
You and I in perfect unity
In love which was that perfect unity
One kiss will bring that unity
She is yours


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