Friday, October 12, 2012

Let us go with him

Fight against me world, and I will show you
All the fight I have left still inside me
Kneeled and bowed in crimson now I vow to
Run in courage where they yet will hide me
Thus my fight is hiding in the gaps of fear
Which left from love which binds the fight and fills
And is there fear in love which cannot clear
A mind which cannot stand but a word stills
My fight and flight are one
 In perfect rhythm broken by the sun
A wounded grace to never stop the run
O world, you may be in me yet and I can’t stop
To fight and I will never stop and never run
I will fight until with broken knees I cease
To fight and in this ceasing now I fight again
O world, what will you have me do?
Let us go with him, go out to be burned
Outside the camp where fire never turned
A man to black but silvers him instead
Disturbing disgrace left upon his head
A crown which one day he will have to trade
A crown which human art could not have made
This death to death the fight insists displayed
O camp, I’ll leave you, world you have been paid
Fight against me now, O world, my knees are silver
Slivered with the wounds they never earned
And burnt with fire that never left a mark
The contrast which is severed stark
And rough, crucified, defied, not retied
The strings are cut and fight against me now!
I’ll have you see me, say you are no more
But streaming from the wounds the waters pour
Life! They call it life! And yet we all die
Worlds! We earned our worlds! And yet we never die
Chains! They have their chains! And yet they cannot die
Fire! We never tasted fire! And yet consuming it consumes and we do not die
Hope! We have not yet hoped! And yet with all I see I will have to die
Death! We cannot escape death! And yet we will not die
Go with him, go outside the camp and burning bear
The disgrace that he bore. And fight against the world
This is the fight against the world.


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